Photo Gallery

The Teen Years

Note the 'Your Sinclair' schoolbag

My first day in Form 2 at Dollar Academy, along with my sister on her first day in Junior 2. Don't we look smart?

For my 13th birthday, I got a couple of pets - Two rats, who I named Charlene and Scott. Charlene's the one with brown patches, Scott's the albino, and I'm the one wearing glasses.

Charlene & Scott

Dressed up smart for my gran & granddad's golden anniversary. Note the vastly expanded tummy, and the tie stylishly tucked into my trousers.

This was in the days when my 60p lunch money (meant for a filled roll) bought a Biscuit Boost, a Caramac and a packet of Love Hearts. Pretty much the same as my current diet.

nice hat

Here are a couple of holiday photos from 1993 (when I was 16). As you can see, the expression "lardy-arsed" could have been invented to describe me.

(Obviously, my weight was the least of my problems at that age - Getting rid of that hat would have been a much better use of my time.)

who ate all the pies?

And if you think my boobs were big in the last photo, check this out!

I spent three years playing the dame in Forefront Childrens Theatre pantomimes. This photo is of me in my first year, playing Widow Twankey in Aladdin.


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