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Bloody Student

I can only give you my name and number

These are my matriculation cards for my first three years at Heriot-Watt.

The top one's photo was taken at the end of September '95. At that time, my hair was in a stylish mullet and, even by my standards, looked unbelievably wanky. The card is stamped with a black R to show that I was a resident of the halls (Midlothian 'B', since you ask), and was eligible to eat in the refectory. Lucky, lucky me.

Alexander Begbie

Next up is my second year card. I dyed my hair at the end of July '96, and my hair remained a strange kind of auburny colour for about a year (OK, I admit it - it went ginger!) The mullet had gone, and was replaced by... the sleek bob.


The bob lasted until the beginning of my third year - about a fortnight after registration - which means that my matric card was graced with it's presence for a year. Note the new hi-tek look to the card. No more glueing passport photos to typewritten bits of card - it's all laser printers and bar codes. It also meant that they just reused the photo from third year on my fourth year card, so despite looking like I do at the foot of this page, my ID showed bob-boy here.

Here I am, pissing about with my dad's digital camera in October '97. Not bad quality, although I ballsed up the lighting (my desk lamp shining in my face!)

To the right of the photo, you can see the start of my CD collection. And to the left, you can see my pants in the wardrobe.

relatively good hair
Insert your own 'column' gag here.

This is me in Washington DC in April '97. 'Twas a glorious day, and this photo was taken by the reflecting pool, between the Washington Monument and the Lincoln Memorial.

I'm wearing my favourite T-shirt in this photo - from the popular beat combo "Helen Love".

And to finish off this section, my last photo as a student! Modelling the BSc colours of Heriot-Watt, and a Mr Men tie. My mother was very proud.

do you want pepper with that?

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