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Baby Photos

Who's the cute one on the left?

Here's me in my parents' old house, sat with my favourite teddy bear, imaginatively titled "Teddy".

The record collection you can see in the background was ransacked by me twenty years later, in order to build my Easy Listening collection.

This photo is of a very rare occurrence when I was that age - I actually managed to get some food in my mouth, as opposed to down my front, on the floor, or all over the dog.

Happy Eater
On the bottle

My first birthday party! And, as has happened so many times since then, I celebrate by hitting the bottle...

...and having a bloody good boogie. My dancing style hasn't changed in the following 20 years.

*original* Baby Cha-Cha
What happened next?

And now the fabulous competition... Can you spot any safety hazards in this photograph?

This snap captures me in the middle of my favourite hobby at that age - Emptying my mum's cupboards of pots & pans, and then climbing in. I apparently did this so many times that my mum just kept the cupboards empty to allow me free roam.

Insert your own 'pot' gag here.

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