Rod Begbie

10 not particularly exciting (but at the same time, not entirely uninteresting) facts about me

1. On 12th November 1988, I appeared on TVam's Wide Awake Club. I was a contestant on the "Singing In The Shower" game, performed Bryan Ferry's "Let's Stick Together", and won a rubber duck and a loofah.

2. I have never watched any of the films in the following series: Jaws, Aliens, Star Wars, James Bond, Terminator, Star Trek, Lethal Weapon. But I have seen all of the Police Academy movies - the third one is my favourite.

3. Despite being a Computer Science graduate (and therefore, something of a geek), I don't like science fiction at all. I dislike all Star Trek, Star Wars, Doctor Who, Babylon 5 and anything else in the genre. Red Dwarf used to be OK when it was still a comedy, but it's been shit for a few years now.

4. I own over 700 CDs, plus loads of LPs, and about 400 7" singles. (So if, as they say, music is the food of love, how come I can't get laid?)

5. My paper bill comes to over £50 a month! I read The Scotsman and The Sun every day, plus numerous music magazines & newspapers (including Smash Hits!)

6. I grew up in Tillicoultry, which is a small town in Central Scotland. It is also home to Sterling Warehouse (which is Britain's Biggest Furniture Centre) and bugger all else.

7. When working for the electrical retailers Comet, I once adjusted the computer so that whenever a salesman called Ronnie Balloch processed a sale, the computer printed the name "Ronnie Bollock" on the receipt.

8. My favourite joke begins "What do you call a woman police officer who shaves off all her pubic hair?" The punchline is too rude to post here, but encrypted in BCrypt, it is Ocsnatlbe.

9. There was a girl in my primary school class whose mother's cousin is Russ Abbot.

10. The first CD I ever bought was "Jive Bunny - The Album". I wanted to buy "Sgt Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band", but the shop was sold out, so I bought Jive Bunny instead.

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