The Poorly Designed Web-Home of Rod Begbie

Hello, and welcome to - the somewhat shoddy website that belongs to Mr Rod Begbie. Below is a list of the stuff that inhabits this server. Enjoy!

Update: As should be utterly clear to all but the most blind of "web" "surfers", this site is horribly out of date. By my reckoning, the last update was in July 2000, when I last posted to rOD.log. However, this is not because I am dead. No, perish the thought. You can see what I'm presently up to at my new, yet-to-become-a-ghost-site weblog, GroovyMother. Or if you fancy a giggle, check out the Boston improv troupe which I'm a member of.

This site will pretty much remain as is, to allow AOL users to continue to submit names to the Love Calculator, and to allow new friends, acquantices, and who knows, perhaps even chums to see my childhood photos.

-- rOD, 18-Dec-2002


Stuff About Me

A quick list of stuff I think you should know about me.

10 not particularly exciting (but at the same time, not entirely uninteresting) facts about me.

A description of me in but nine words. (And, amazingly, none of these words are obscenities)

A NUDE collection of NAKED snapshots of me STARKERS through the ages.

(No, there isn't really any nudity. I just wanted to see how many people end up on my page after searching for porn on the 'net)

Stuff That I've Written

A genuine, bone-fide, entirely scientific way to work out whether the object of your desires is really the person for you (based on a system I used in primary school).

A satirical POP! magazine what me and some other reprobates wrote. Before I got bored of doing it, it was featured in NTKnow, The Scotsman, The Guardian and on BBC Radio One's Digital Update. So it must be good, then.

One of the first web pages I ever wrote! My tribute to Scotland's Real National Dish. (And it's not haggis)

(There's also the junk directory which just houses stuff temporarily. Feel free to have a nosey, but don't expect anything too exciting)

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