competition time
with our special guest quizmaster, louis out of the warm jets

hello!  i'm louis, lead singer with top 40 hit band, the warm jets.  i used to date zoe ball, the silky voiced presenter of ratings black-hole, the radio one breakfast show.  but then i dumped her.  that's right, i dumped her.  ok??  not the other way around.  no.  you'd be a fool to think that.

due to needing all the publicity i can get for our new single, 'hurricane #1', i have agreed to act as quizmaster on the second PopGob quiz.  before we get under way, congratulations are in order to bianca rains of california which is apparently in america somewhere, who correctly identified that mel c kicks, mel b screams, victoria wears gucci, emma is little, and that geri is a piggy.  this fruitful display of useless knowledge won her last month's competition.  when we phoned her up to get her reaction, a delighted bianca said "spice what?  who are you and what do you want?"

this months competition revolves around my sticky-out-eared ex-paramour.  due to the constraining order, i am not allowed within 200 yards of her or her family.  unfortunately, i can't remember who's related to her.  surrounding her photo are three people who have the surname 'ball' and three who don't.  you have to tell me which ones i should stay away from.  yes, that's right.  it's a spot the ball contest.

and the prizes keep the 'ball' theme running.  you stand to win... a ping-pong ball, an inflatable beach ball, and not one, but two dosage balls from different brands of liquid detergent.  a veritable ball-a-rama, i'm sure you'll agree.

just select 'ball' or 'not at all' for each of the people below, fill in your details, and first correct entry grabbed from the PopGob lucky dip on the 30th april will win the afore-mentioned goodies.

good luck!

fa cup

i know a load of balls when i see it, and i'm looking at it now...

my name is

and i can be "e"-mailed at

have you got any comments for the writers of PopGob?

oh, and would you like to be told when the next issue of PopGob goes online?

i think that's all we need to know, so if you hit this button, we'll get this show on the road...

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